All Around Best Faction Armor in Game of Thrones- Who Has the Best Armor?


This Game of Thrones TV Tuesday video contains a list of the best faction armors for the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. This list is in no particular order, and does not contain every suit of armor from the show, just the ones that are standard wear for all the best factions an or armies from the show. It is mostly about appearance, but i also touch on realism and practicality. So, sit back and enjoy this edition of TV Tuesdays, and please excuse the bad editing. I was a touch under the weather while making this one.

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  1. To be fair though the show armor was meant to look cool and be appealing to the average viewer . the armor as described and shown in the books makes a little more sense and is sometimes very different to that of its shows counterparts. The NW armor for example in the books sometimes has chainmail. Love your content though dude keep at it . But you should totally do an analysis of the armor as portrayed in the books, you can find plenty of illustrations online .

  2. You forgot to mention chain mail when going over the northern armor. The Northern army also wears chainmail under their armor, which provides excellent slicing protection.

  3. I kind of like the Lannister's armor, but not their helmets. However, I do have a linking to Stannis' armor though and the Unsullied leather helmet.

  4. What would your opinions be on the Tully armor?
    I know that functiobally speaking, they're not that great, but aesthetically they're one of my favourites, and it's a real shame we never see any Tully knight in action.

  5. All the helmets are terrible. I forgive the main characters generally not wearing them though. Functional helmets while speaking would be more wooden than Jon Snow's acting. I think the Reach armor also looks like they're just wearing cloth shirts. I think the Westerlands armor looks the best overall. I'm sure a custom suit with more plate could be done. Maybe even melt down a few more captured Valaryian steel swords for black plate, just to show off. A functional helm should be doable too, in appropriately decorative themed colors of course.

  6. The decorative helmet ridges actually appear on some historical examples. They're usually not that big but still, it's not that big of a problem. I'd rather talk about the awfully shaped breastplates.
    The heavy plate armour you described as having "only one flaw" and "awesome" is not only badly shaped but the cuirass and gorget restrict any arm movement to a ridiculous degree.

  7. Excellent list and video. I’m a huge fan of the Knights of the Vale (mostly because of their appearance at the Battle of the Bastards), but it makes sense as to why you wouldn’t include them.

    I don’t know when you made this video, but we got a pretty decent look at the Golden Company’s armor in the preview for S8E5. Either way, great video as always!

  8. I like the Iron Born armor best. I just really like the appearance. And, like you said, its not like its designed for open combat, so it makes perfect sense.


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