Apink 에이핑크 덤더럼(Dumhdurum) Music Video Official


Apink 에이핑크 덤더럼(Dumhdurum) Music Video Official

Apink 9th Mini Album [LOOK]
덤더럼 (Dumhdurum) Music Video
2020.04.13 Released

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  1. 우앙봐도봐도계속보고싶은 영상이네요!
    열심히 준비한 덤더럼❤️
    앞으로활동도 열심히해서
    좋은추억 마니마니 만들어보자구용

  2. 중독적인 멜로디에 극강 비쥬얼.. 다른핑크 제끼시고 빌보드 달성하시겠어요 ^^ 미리 축하드립니다~

  3. I’m not a fam of apink but I think this song has made me a pink panda!!
    *trying to remember all the members’ face and name now 💕

  4. Been listening to this song two weeks straight. I just can get this song in my head and I want to support Apink All out!!

  5. 12, 195, 707 @ 0730 am PST on Sunday 26 April 2020……..LUV – #17 wins ….Record…….
    DUMHDURUM – #6 wins of total 6 shows, 6 beauties, 6 days, 6/6 wins, 6 LUVS LOVES…………

  6. Guys, let’s get 7th win. We need to work harder. St*eam their mv & performances video. They have big chances to win show champ, music bank, music core & inkigayo as they have such a strong digital points. Please, don’t give up.

  7. 12,195,957 keep watching panda,we still can get another win without promotion if panda work hard in MV,fighting🐼

  8. #17 wins for LUV, most for any GG……and now #6 wins for DUMHDURUM in 6 Days 21-26 April 2020, 6 Award Shows, #6 All Grand Slams, and 6 Trophies for 6 Beauties.
    LUV LOVE…… .


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