APINK – 'YUMMY' Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]


By – Zaty Farhani

Translation by KosmoSub@ZF

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  1. omo who composed the song and write the lyric this feels unknowingly im not to described this just seems the lyrics opps

  2. Okay so uhm sorry to break y'all fantasies, but apparently, the line "You suddenly place yourself inside me and grow bigger" is very mistranslated, Ive studied Korean enough and when I looked into that specific line, I searched the meaning of "자리 잡아" cuz it was the only phrase i didnt know in the line, and apparently it can mean two things, One meaning is a verb to settle into a physical place, like settling into a house until you got used to it, and the second meaning is another verb, in a mental sense, which is used if someone holds a special place inside the heart of the person or in the person, which is more likely how this word is used, so the line would translate to "Suddenly, you hold a special place inside me and it grows bigger", which is a more wholesome line than what you all are thinking 😂😂, dont worry i think this song is still about making love in the other lyrics xP, but not this one

  3. Dù tôi là fan của justin bieber nhưng tôi cảm thấy phiên bản yummy này hơn hay nhiều nhe rất chill ấy nhở 💖💖

  4. I love namjoo voice at the beginning!!! What a great captivating voice to start the song. Her voice really suited and stood out in this track. 💜it took me awhile to really understand what this track is singing about 😆 omgggg but it’s such a sweet song


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