Bernie Sanders Exits Presidential Race, But His Influence Will Still Be Felt – Day That Was | MSNBC


Sen. Bernie Sanders announced Tuesday that he would withdraw from the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, leaving former Vice President Joe Biden to become the presumptive nominee. But he says he’ll continue his fight to make progressive policies part of the Democratic platform. Here’s a look at how Sanders has influenced the race. Aired on 4/8/2020.
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Bernie Sanders Exits Presidential Race, But His Influence Will Still Be Felt – Day That Was | MSNBC


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  1. Wow they're going to lose big-time do you really think that Joe Biden is going to win any presidential debate? He doesn't even know where he is or where he's been.

  2. Msnbc is as garbage a network as fox. Corporate dems hope you enjoy your cognitively impaired candidate.

    I’ll be voting Green Party hoping to get 5% of the vote so maybe we can get a third party that isn’t tainted with corporate interest.

  3. #BernieOrBust Unless Biden gives us the entirety of Senator Sanders' platform including the right of prisoners to vote.

  4. Biden… exactly the right person to unite the party… give me a break… he can barely finish the sentences and he will be bound to lose and will be beaten so badly. The fact Biden will lose will make Obama look even greater and that's how the story gets going. So stupid.

  5. I'm still trying to figure why Bernie was in the primary in the first place. Since he isn't a member of any political party shouldn't he be required to run as an independent? Most states he couldn't even vote in the primary! Sorry to all whose feelings got hurt but please don't take it out on the innocent by staying home in November or even voting for trump in spite..

  6. Haha Bernie the Crazy lying communist bites the dust. Guess the Bernie bros will have to move out of their moms basement!

  7. Lmfao! Liberals fighting amongst themselves and in complete disarray! I love it! The only good communist is a dead communist! Mexicanos for Trump!

  8. PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT BASE YOUR DECISIONS ON POLITICAL PARTIES. BOTH parties want exactly the same things – more for the rich and the elimination of the rest. This election is our last chance. Even if you don't like Biden – PLEASE vote blue – otherwise you will usher in Tyranny.

  9. Bernie… I knew you weren't serious about being president.
    Great acting though!

    The U.S. presidential race is a big theatrical event.

    Presidents are hand picked not elected.

  10. Sanders again – tucks his tail between his legs and slithers off. Oh yes he's keeping a toe in just in case it gets easy for him again. Love your ideal Sanders, but you are a do nothing man who runs off as soon as you don't see an easy solution. You never offered any solutions but never shut up about problems. THAT'S the problem with you. A dreamer with no concept of how to make those dreams realities. YES ALL AMERICANS SHOULD HAVE GOOD HEALTH CARE, GOOD EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT THAT SUPPORTS A NICE LIVING ETC. But without a plan and the means to carry it out, it's all just dust in the wind.

  11. Bernie:This is the truth I made millions already thank u supporters..I got a lil scared to president …I will still gather money from donors and thank u

  12. DNC has been screwing its supporters for a decade. A vote for Biden just because it’s not Trump is asking for more spanking. What’s it gonna be?

  13. Let’s not forget all the lies and disruptions from DJT, GOP and his 1% handlers have done to America and will continue doing if they stay in office. And the fault is in Bernies and his supporters hands. They will as guilty as the GOP, 1% and DJT. Grass roots, yes, but start in the local voting and removing those who are against the movement; and the top as well. Because if you refuse to vote for the candidate VP Biden and his running mate: you are the guilty ones.
    Remember what Mitch said about Obama ‘he will be a one time President.! Let’s clean all three houses: starting with the Senate, White House and take back total control of Congress! But also in every state take back control and but Democrats and Progressives in play. We cannot let 4 more years of total Murders and Dividers control America. God Bless America and Keep all Americans Healthy and Safe! Bernie stop trying to keep DJT in the White House! Get a grip and start acting like a true American.!

  14. So the DNC and corporate media would rather have a guy with clear signs of dementia running the country over a communist?

  15. The very best thing for America at this moment in time is for citizens to all collectively vote for a candidate that has dropped out of the race. That would be Bernie. And if they didn’t want to do that, then they would have no choice but to vote Trump. #Trump2020

  16. Brace yourself for Trump's reelection!!! Biden only has 30% support for voters under 35. And, yes he needs them to win. Biden has shown nothing but disdain for them. Empty words won't work at this point.

  17. It's funny that most americans want sociopaths and people with dementia as their president and not Bernie who is fit literally and figuratively and is deeply passionate about all the right things.

  18. Why would you want vote by mail? The Republicans might try to cheat??? I think vote by mail is just a stupid idea???
    📩 📬 🗳 🇺🇸 ???


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