BTS V 'Sweet Night' Couples Reaction! (ITAEWON CLASS OST Part.12)


On my pillow… 🎶 What a beautiful song! Of course it is, it was composed, written, produced, AND sung by the one and only, Kim Tae-hyung aka V! Have you seen the series Itaewon Class familia? And if you have, should we watch it?!?!

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ANNDDD no one actually reads this far down… we might binge-watch this series in about 1 to 2 days… should we do it familia?? 🤣

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  1. 📍 Our familia is 70,000+ strong!!! Thank you so much for watching our crazy and chaotic videos, and for teaching us so much about BTS 💜 You guys truly make us so happy. We purple you all so very much and will continue working hard to bring you the most entertaining BTS reaction videos we possibly can. Borahae 💜💜💜

  2. Itaewon Class is really a good drama. It tackles a lot of issues and gives you different perspectives based on each character. It’s not just a romantic drama, it’s more than. The actors and characters are so good and all the songs are also good.

  3. Actually the actor is my fav korean actor.And do you know that he act with V in Hwarang? I already watch Hwarang and that drama is rlly cool. I rlly recomended you guys to watch it 😀

  4. I JUST FINISHED THE EPISODE 14 TODAY AND IM SHOCK, GUYS ITS AMAZING is a good drama. i really like the way they talk about a lot of social topics, and seojoon (the lead character/ v's bestfriend since they worked together in hwarang) did an amazing job. cant wait for the last episodes tomorrow and saturday 🙁

  5. Taehyung is a social butterfly, like all the other comments stated, this is one of tae's bestfriends. In hwarang they also came out together and most of them remain bestfriends aswell. Have you seen the movie Parasite? the young lead male is also one of Tae's friends lmaoooo

  6. Fun fact, the show is starring Park Seo Joon, one of Tae's best friends! They met on the set of Hwarang because he also starred in that show as well!

  7. The girl you are hearing is Adora. She is the OG girl producer of BigHit. If you listen to old songs by each members, you can hear her voice. Especially in suga song

  8. You really need to watch this series one of the best one I have ever watch you guys will surely love it. The story line is really meaningful + at the same time entertaining 💜

  9. Tae sang another OST (Even if I die, it's you) with Jin for drama Hwarang (Tae also acted in this drama), the song & story is good!!! Highly recommended! That's where Tae met Park Seo Joon, this drama's (Itaewon Class) main actor.

  10. Dios la voz de V es tan hermosa no me canso de escuchar sus canciones amo su voz ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  11. When V acted in Hwarang he made so many good new friends, they still hang out. V is so good at gathering friends. His Hwarang friends were called the Wooga Squad…I think you can google it. V is so supportive, it's amazing to see.

  12. Itaewon co6ass is such a great show, it's not only focus on romance, it's giving you hope, inspiration, for your dream, whatever your dreams is when you set a goal for that, it's possible, even if it takes a lot of time, it makes me realized that i can not worry a lot for my future

  13. Thanks to Park Seojun and Park HyunSik, I could knew Taehyung (1st time I knew about group called bts because I didn't interest about kpop). After a while, I started to learn about bts and found my happiness😍

  14. To be honest, I quit watching the Itaewon Class.. it was ok for the first two-three episodes but it is getting…um not my taste sadly 😂 I recommend you to watch Kingdom on Netflix. It is Korean Zombie series, and it is goooooood! lol

  15. Hey..I am new to your family. And i am really glad that i clicked on your video.You both are super duper awesome. And thank you so much for always supporting our boys. I purple you💜
    And i have one request.Please accept it and react to this: (Armys being savage on twitter) please please react to this video.

  16. Fun fact: This is Tae's second OST song 😊 The first one was with Jin. It was the OST of "Hwarang", the kdrama which Tae was included. The title of the OST was 'Even if I die, it's you' 💜💜💜

  17. I did not see "ITAEWON CLASS", but I have seen other series of the main actor who appears in the video and is a great actor. His name is Park Seo Joon and he is friends with V, since they acted together in the drama "Hwarang". I don't know if you guys watched "Hwarang" but I recommend it, all the historical dramas in general are great. V had also featured a song for the "Hwarang" OST, he sang it with Jin, the song is called "even if i die it's you". React to this song with scenes from the drama;

  18. Answer for QOTD : I haven't watch any K-Drama completely… Lol… But i like the story of Angel Mission… Will try to catch up with it soon if got time 😅👍🏼

  19. If you listen more closely and with attention, you will realise that the background vocals are jimins falsettos…..👀👀


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