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Here is the haircut tutorial of Chris Hemsworth from the Netflix film Extraction.


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  1. Hey. I have a haircut request. Can you do a haircut where the top is flat and the front is combed up? I really want to see that haircut done even tho I have no idea what's it's called. It's my favorite look on some people.

  2. Looks just like it in the movie to me too!🔥
    Any suggestions on the best place to buy the mannequin head for practice?

  3. Please make a new Ross lynch haircut video. I personally would really like to see the style from his role in the movie status update! It would be really cool cause I wanna grow my hair out like it but am not sure how to style it or cut once I get to that length

  4. Can you do world war z brads Pitt I need to know how to do it and anyone else hate this new comment update for YouTube

  5. You should do a tutorial on Michael’s hair from the Lost Boys or a style like that in general. Love your videos btw!!

  6. @thesalonguy I really would love to see u do a tutorial on how to get John B’s hairstyle from the show the outer banks, i personally think his hairstyle is so cool and as a teenager i always want to find a way to attract more girls and the girls seem to love John b! Love ur videos by the way!

  7. Hey I was watching underworld recently and I really want to grow my hair out and have it look like Michael corvin’s hair could you do a tutorial of that hairstyle please and thank you

  8. Haven't seen the movie yet but yeah 7:34. I don't know why but barbers and stylist it seems "have" to disconnect instead of blend. Always wrecked my parting and length on top. Literally had to regrow my whole haircut going too high on the temple


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