Clannad [PS4] / Gameplay | Chapter 1


Hello once again my fellow viewers, just playing this game for the PlayStation 4 which is an old visual novel game called Clanned. there is an anime for this game so if you want to watch something interesting then watch the anime. I won’t be making more videos on this game but rather play it on my own time. if you find the game interesting then you can either watch someone’s playthrough/read-through or buy the game, but it is rather pricey. anyways just hope you enjoy!

Outro : Midnight North ; This is a Jazz Space

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  1. never gets old. been playing this since grade school (at my xp computer). glad it's ported at ps4. really expensive tho

  2. Is there any other visual novels that are on Ps4 like this one? If anyone knows I'd gladly appreciate a response.

  3. It's pretty expensive but damn, clannad is something that changed my out look on life so I'm just gonna save up and buy the thing and probably marathon the whole thing in a couple of days.

  4. Since i'm doing a giveaway but can't decide if I should do a $10 to 10 people or 20 dollar to 5 people. anyways just comment below this comment to enter (please don't subcribe just because the giveaway, I'm only doing this for the holidays, so PLEASE DON'T SUB to enter). I also wanted to add that its money for either PS4, Xbox, or switch nothing else.

    Edit: forgot to update this but the giveaway is already over.


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