“Dark Waters”: Meet the Lawyer Whose 20-Year Fight Against DuPont Inspired the New Film


The new film “Dark Waters” tells the story of attorney Rob Bilott’s 20-year battle with DuPont over contaminated drinking water in West Virginia from toxic chemicals used to make Teflon. The Environmental Working Group credited Billot with “uncovering the most heinous corporate environmental conspiracy in history,” and the issue of contaminated water from the plastics industry continues to devastate areas across the country. On Wednesday, the Environmental Working Group released a shocking report about how toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS have been found in the drinking water of dozens of U.S. cities, including major metropolitan areas including Miami, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. The so-called forever chemicals are linked to cancer, high cholesterol and decreased fertility, and they do not break down in the environment. We speak with attorney Robert Bilott, who has just published a new book titled “Exposure: Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer’s Twenty-Year Battle Against DuPont.” He is portrayed by Mark Ruffalo in the Hollywood film “Dark Waters.” We’re also joined by Tim Robbins, Academy Award-winning actor and director, who plays Bilott’s boss at his law firm in “Dark Waters.”


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  1. These chemical companies are like this only they dont give a shit about
    anything union carbide is also one of them what they did in india is a
    sin, god is watching how they ruin lives of 1.5 lakh people

  2. These chemical companies are like this only they dont give a shit about
    anything union carbide is also one of them what they did in india is a
    sin, god is watching how they ruin lives of 1.5 lakh people

  3. people in america has to stop drinking water from taps. Either they buy bottled waters or buy a water purifying machine. I can't believe people are still so oblivious to the fact that the public water system can be poisoned without notice and in the end citizens won't get shit.

  4. How about the company Calphalon cookware? They used teflon in their pans for decades. They had to know about its effects so why are they not held responsible too? One other concern I have is that ceramic cookware, like Greenpan, is replacing teflon in kitchens across the country but is it any healthier?

  5. This is how we will end up! limited liability, imagine developed countries are managing this now,,,,, look up who are the biggest polluters atm!!!

  6. Playing with chemicals we test for 100 years in a system with life designed over god zillions of years and God zillions of dimensions is probably like rolling the dice in the devil's casino sort of unpredictable.

  7. Dupont, Monsanto, or Bayer?!

    Which is really the most evil company on the planet?
    Bayer once sold AIDS tainted vaccines and worked with/for the Nazis.

  8. The fact that DuPont is still in business is appalling but goes to show how corrupt our politicians are who accept their bribes and continue to do their bidding at the expense of public health. Any civil moral country would completely shut down a company like DuPont. Seeing the slanted eye dude in Dark Waters made my stomach sick. Their shitty man-made chemicals have done enough harm and they refused to take responsibility for decades. They buy the most expensive lawyers and pay politicians to protect these slimy businessmen. They need to be shutdown and cease from ever doing business in the United States. That would be the only justice!

  9. As bad as it may seem to add his name to this conversation. The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, was right about technology. And mans rush to move forward at all costs. And they called him crazy? Humans are now totally reliant on a system & way of life, that will kill them. Technology.

    Nobody is willing to go back in time, to save themselves. Now THAT is INSANITY! What if like Climate Change? 5G is just as bad as Scientists also say it is?

  10. Man messing with chemicals, trying to play God. Will kill us all if Climate Change doesn't get us first, if Trump doesn't start WW3 first!

  11. Please look deeper into the telecom corporations and 5G/ smart meters/LED surveillance street lights. I see no videos about all the protesting going on globally. Curiously, Greta Thunberg's team never addresses this.

  12. The comment about pre-EPA is pretty much irrelevant as the EPA regulations have gone from weak to even weaker under the current administration. If you look the information up for yourself (which is exactly what everyone needs to do!) it will scare you, and hopefully, you'll be alarmed enough that you'll begin to investigate and understand just how much the dept. has been harmed, how at risk we ALL are, and you'll begin to take a greater interest in the more important things in life, e.g. politics, as this is just one of the numerous poisons we're ingesting without a shred of oversight.

  13. I watched this movie Dark Waters recently, and all I can think about is where can I buy cast iron skillets and pots. I've been buying tfal pots because I thought they were safer than Teflon. I did some Google research. I found out that nearly the same chemical is in those too. (related) Then I looked up and found out nearly all non-stick cookware has these related chemicals in them. It says if you overheat the pans then the tfal / Teflon chemicals get in the air and cause flu like symptoms. It's on stain resistant clothes and carpets. It's in Goretex clothes, it's in WD40. How many of us have just breathed that stuff in when spraying it (by accident)? How many times have you overcooked your non-stick pots? How many of you buy fast food french fries in the grease free cardboard boxes? Everything I read in the website links pretty much are saying, "oh this is all safe now, not to worry, just don't overheat your pots". Scary that it's difficult not to be lied to.

  14. Dupont, Monsanto and lots of other companies where given the keys to do anything in ww2 and in the cold war on government contract. They shifted their ability to do anything to anyone anytime to making as much money as possible regardless of the consequences. Essentially its fascism of the variety where corporations are in charge beyond incumbents term limits and the neoliberalism ideal means they try to look friendly and compliant to epa laws that are insufficient but dont care if they poison people to make a profit.

  15. DuPont; Monsanto; Exxon; BP; Goldman Sachs; JP Morgan Chase; Merck; Purdue Pharma; JR Reynolds; Cigna; Blue Cross blue shield, etc. Tell me what corporation is left that is not harming the population in some way? We live in a surreal nightmare where corporations are Kings.

  16. The film Dark Waters is truly shocking.Chemical company staff and the unions who represent them need to find the courage to stand up and take responsibility – even if the owners and shareholders don’t.
    The lawyer has set an admirable example.

  17. American corporate culture – all the matters is my stock price. The entire point of a corporation is to avoid responsibility for your actions.

  18. Blaming the company or man for something the GOVERNMENT allowed ad knew was going on. Companies are protected by capitalism and money.

  19. Superb film. Interesting though. You have two highly respected actors, both give Oscar worthy performances, then Todd Haynes, a highly respected director of Far From Heaven, Carol, etc., but this is about the multi-national DuPont. Notice how they made the film disappear and of course, it's the first Todd Haynes film since his slew of Oscar nominated films to be totally ignored.  One guess why…..

  20. Oh it is not a coincidence that 2 Bernie Sanders supporters get together in this amazing movie. I think only with Bernie Sanders as president this case can be safely investigated – any other politician would just get paid off by the pharmaceutical industry. Imagine Biden lol … hilarious … American non Americans – democrats and non voters we have to all unite to get Bernie Sanders elected to save what is left to save … Tim Robbins if you read this – is there any transcript of your amazing speech you gave at Venice beach ?

  21. Great I live in Charleston, WV down from Dupont. Well guess I'm getting cancer. Didn't even know this happened. Jeez three years ago we had the MCHM spill into our drinking water. WV is a hellscape.


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