G20 nations meet to discuss COVID-19 crisis: Key takeaways


Leaders of G20 nations held a meeting via video conferencing to discuss the COVID-19 crisis. The leaders agreed to over $5 trillion into the global economy to limit job and income losses. The leaders also committed to do whatever it takes to overcome the pandemic. The G20 leaders also expressed concern about the risks to fragile countries, notably in Africa, and populations like refugees. Watch the full video for more details.



  1. We are living in dream land, “they” are planning in another way, in next 5 to 10 years NWO is starting to play, Israel will take the place of US, note this comment.

  2. I am really not convinced the way Russia is behaving and supporting China in not raising questions on its credibility as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

  3. I request to members of G20 please impose sanctions on China because every time various types of virus like Corona SARS came from China and entire people as well as economy facing huge problem… This time entire world strict punished China… #Chinesevirus

  4. Sab.desho ko milkar.china ko sabak sikhana chahiye ye China ki sajish he vaha sirf vuhan me hi aaya or koi bhi shahar me nahi fela 3

  5. Thid rich countries and their work. Sorry to say but it's all because of you so called rich countries we poor countries are suffering too.

  6. Looking okay on the outside…I feel one thing all countries together must agree to do, is to promise to take every measure possible to contain any new viruses within their own country…up to governments to decide how best to do that eh….they all need to learn from COVID-19

  7. To avoid future environmental ecological problems like this kind solution is,, strengthen the rural areas ..enough is enough..make an action plan..spread and distribute economic activities to rural areas..

  8. At least happy to see now this chor chokidaar modi skipped G20 summit due to the fear of Corona Virus which saved tax payer's money spending on his useless foreign trips 😀😀😀😀😀

  9. Can someone enlighten me here, please! How did the Chinese stop the virus from spreading? And why can’t the rest of the world stop it? Isn’t the common sense thing to do here pfor the Chinese to share how to stop this thing from spreading?

  10. All the countries were competing with the no. of missiles weapons nuclear power and army they have..
    Corona virus came..n that all just went useless..
    Fighting all over the caste religion color
    It came to teach us the power of standing together
    Going crazy over the work loads..
    Gave ppl a chnc to be home and keep the world safe
    Sure it is out of fear that we are at home
    But cherish all the time you just got..
    It is ruining the lives of millions..
    But I think saving the world from a more dangerous virus..that is HUMANS AND THEIR GREEDS.
    The animals birds trees are just lot more happy today..
    They being free and us being caged..
    Karma does it work..I hope ppl get what they do wrng..

  11. The Chinese Testing Kit For COVID -19 Exported to Many European Countries is not Functioning well , Europe should ban china in trade , They are inviting more virus if they deal with China .

  12. World must spend money on the heath care instead on expensive weapons and war, specially Us and west learn this lesson from the corona virus, on the cost of one fighter jet you can buy thousands of ventilation machines, people s are dying in Europe and Us without those, now Tanks, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, submarine s, nuclear weapons useless because enemy is invisible…!!!!?????

  13. So real question I hope the leaders posed to China “How much are you going to pay to the world for causing such death and damage to the entire world”?”. China should have been given a slam dunk on the floor and all twenty nations should have one boot on his face and ask to cough up 500 Billion dollars immediately and rest of the installments coming every month from now .


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