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So disappointed I didn’t talk more about potatoes in this video. I’m a failure. Well, try as best as you can to enjoy the #LATVIA episode

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  1. For the record that dress was my mom's sleeping gown. Yes she gave me permission.
    Swamps, ghost towns, pagan masks horrible pronunciations (hehe I called it "screwed-na") and really tall women, (tallest average in the world!) Welcome to #LATVIA!

  2. Great in every way, except for the pronunciation, the only correctly pronounced word being, actually, Skrunda! But great delivery!

  3. Latvia has some very beautiful women. I used to have a Latvian girlfriend, very pretty. only trouble she was also very frigid.

  4. That prison hotel seems pretty USSR themed, and Latvians interestingly have an annual celebratory march of SS veterans

  5. I'm from Latvia and I miss my country unfortunately is not rich country and many of us work and live abroad like Uk, Us , Switzerland

  6. Fun fact : Lithuanian Mokytojų kambarys means ''teachers lounge'' but in Latvian Moku kambaris means ''Tourture cell'' in ancient times 🙂 When in Lithuania back in 60's I always had fun of this But we have quite a lot of common words and if a latvian spends reasonably long time in LT he can get along quite easy Suprantu – saprotu

  7. Letter Č – sounds like CH , Š-sounds like SH , Ņ- sounds like New , Speak a bit slower and you'll get along easiliy 🙂

  8. Wrong ! Latvias longest river is Gauja – 452 km , Duagavas length in teritory of Latvia is just 352 km , Total length is 1020 km but most of it is in Russia , starting at Valdaja highlands .


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