Hermitcraft Gamemode 4 01 A New Adventure


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Gamemode 4 acts as custom built expansion for the survival game using command blocks. In this series the hermitcraft group team up with the creators to have fun in a brand new world.

Sparks & Crazyman (Creators)

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Use discount code “HermitCraft” (case sensitive) to get 20% of your first purchase with hosting company CubedHost

Music By Erang
Song: The First Snow
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Nguồn: https://argibank.com

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  1. last comment 2 years ago lol? i remember watching this when it released and was so hyped. it ended too soon

  2. Im curious whats the IP of the Public server that either sparks or crazyman speak of at around 15:35 to like 15:45

  3. I subscribed! I never had a thing for Hermitcraft, but as a subscriber to Sparks and Crazyman, and a fan of Gamemode 4, I subscribed because of this series! 😀

  4. The one thing that ruins hermitcraft for me is FalseSymmetry. She is so arrogant and her boring ignorant british voice makes me wanna kill myself

  5. I will do my best to keep up with the series. When all of you are playing at the same time its mayhem and soo entertaining to watch XD. Can't wait to see how this series goes.


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