HoN Top 10 Plays of the Year – 2019



The yearly Top 10 Plays is here again with the best plays that happened this year! Shoutout to everyone sending us these plays and big respect to TobakaZ for editing this video! Follow him at

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Tonky Honk by Chris R. Windham

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  1. The reason we're directing people to TobakaZ's channel is because this is the last planned episode we have for Heroes of Newerth. We at ScumbagNetwork will be taking a much needed long break from creating content, and when we come back, making HoN videos will probably not be viable anymore due to the game's dwindling playerbase. However, we encourage you to keep playing HoN if it brings you joy, and to revisit our library of nearly 500 HoN videos if you so choose.

    Thank you all, it was a blast sharing these plays with you. I hope to meet you all one day in a match of Heroes of Newerth, and if not, in some other game.

    – Ninja

  2. It still counting guys..260k views..for the last ep. Of scumbag's editing and giving us awesome Plays..cant move on til now…why HoN

  3. It's a shame a game like LoL blew up over this. HoN was not properly advertised and managed initially.

  4. Thanks to sea playerbase (especially thai) for keeping this game alive and making an anime skin mod. most people play midwars because its more fun and faster

  5. Anyone else have a friend trying to get them to play HON? Like fuck off it's a shit game & I don't want anything to do with it. I've tried a few times & it just annoys me. I mean would you want to play this fugly top down bullshit? Just watching it is painful.

  6. nice to see that there was still a video release of best 2019 plays in 2020 🙂
    I was a bit bored due to all the coronavirus thing and decided to check if anything about HoN is still going and I was quite shocked about this video and it having over 200k views!
    I was playing HoN like a madman back in 2011-2012 and always says that besides of FPS games that are my favourite (like W:ET, CS, Quake and now Apex Legends), it was the best game I've ever played, really challenging on a competitive level. Maybe that's the reason it never got as popular as LoL, being much better than League about everything. It's just too hard for new players to master. Sad to see that it's basically dead, but every good thing has to come to an end. Thanks for good memories and nice to see game somehow survived all these years! Cheers

  7. Can someone tell me the status of HoN? I thought it was really dead like a year ago or so when the publisher said that there will be no further development on this game. I went in one last time but finding one match tool like forever because only some player were online :/
    I was really upset at that day, because i really really miss HoN. Had so much fun there and the graphics and gamestyle was more appealing to me than eg LoL.
    Seeing these plays now in this video makes me really sad again.
    Is there maybe some way that this game can survive? Or be taken over by some other publisher? 🙁

  8. I just came here to see if HoN is still alive. Good thing it is, because if not… then thats just sad

  9. It's been fun bro, thank you for all the hard work… I'm still playing this game and I'm just waiting till the server shut down. HON will always be my childhood and my best friend that I used to see everyday , a friend that I'd stay late until 5am in the morning.. it's been fun :,-)

  10. HoN for me is the best moba game of them all. I still play sometimes and i wish the servers will always be open. HoN is probably the most underrated game there is and these plays are so inspiring! Thanks for putting these plays together

  11. So frustated about how underrated HoN is . But i'm glad i have chance to play hon around 2 years . This february i go to cybercafe and try opening HoN and shooked that player base went down so bad . really hard to find a match . i'm sad

  12. What's ONLINE of hon right now? Thinking to play again… long time passed, since last time played… is it worth??


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