Is the armor in Game of Thrones Realistic?


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Hello everyone, Snapjelly here with another amor review. this episode: Game of Thrones.

I am going to me talking about some of the sets of armor you see in the hbo show to see how realistic/practical it actually is. This is not an historical evaluation though! Game of Thrones is fantasy after all and not actual history.

In this video I will be talking about the armor worn by:
Jaime Lannister/kingsguard
Joffrey Baratheon
Tywin Lannister
Sandor clegane/The hound
Gregor Clegane/The mountain.
and Brienne of Tarth

I did not talk about Oberyn and the Unsullied because it is obvious that their armor leaves large parts unprotected.

Hope you enjoyed and Thank you for joining my quest!


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  1. Best armour I guess is worn my Loras tyrell in the fight at the tourney with the mountain. What do you think?

  2. None of this matters, as the inevitable always happens: adversary weapon fully penetrates plate, mail, gambeson and bone to fully impale the wearer of said armor. It’s the boom-bap school of film armor fights. The Uruks had the same experience with the heroes in LOTR. With a Boom-bap from Legolas and the 6.5 foot tall 16 stone armored orc is down like a light.

  3. Joffery's armor is meant to stand out from the others. He couldn't fight because he's a coward.
    Also comparing Oberyn and Bron against everyone else.
    They were good fighters that only wore light armor out of everyone in the show.
    Of course there's The blackfish who only wore some leather?

  4. The problem with the armor is not so much how it looks but that it doesn't work. People attack with the edges of their swords and just cut their opponent to pieces. Might as well be wearing jelly. No offense.

  5. You wanna see perfect armor? Look at the wild hunt armors weared by Eredin, Imlerith and Caranthir from witcher 3

  6. I wish the GoT costomiers had been more authentically mediaeval with the show's armor. Pretty much every fighter would wear a gambeson. Most would have a mail hauberks and a helmet over that. Wealthier people or army officers would also have a brigandine cuirass and maybe greaves and bracers and pauldrons. The very wealthy would have breastplates or even matched suits of plate. The way armies would be distinguished from each other would be by the surcoats they wore over their armor – red and gold with a lion for the Lannisters, black and grey with a wolf for the Starks, etc. Those with breastplates might have them painted and embossed rather than wear surcoats.

  7. What weapons could we use in microgravity? I think one possible weapon could be an axe type of weapon which has a hook and on the "eye" a spike like a helabarde.
    I think weapons like this or this

    And a climbing belt and the weapons should be connected with a rope so that can't get lost

  8. What I don't get is why some people in the show wear leather armour and some wear plate and others wear just chain mail. Like was this really how it was back in the day? With people just randomly wearing one or all of the three? And how effective is Jon Snow's armour? It's like Robb's and Ned's, just leather, that's gotta be useless right, especially going up against someone plated like Jaime? What century did they wear this shit?

  9. You really don't know anything about armor design do you? Like you're just a normal dude guessing…? I mean why not google for so e armorsmith and get in contact with him to actually produce some quality content here?

  10. All the actors want facetime. No matter ho realistic they wanna make it. They will only wear a healmet if its really really neccessary like a tournament

  11. Historically, armour was used to keep the wearer alive (also to show off, but that is secondary), so people would wear as "much" of it as they could afford. The goal being suitability sometimes you need to trade ridged plates for mobility, which is why there are significant differences between cavalry and infantry armour and between tournament and battlefield armour.

    GoT is meant to be set in an equivalent to about the wars of the roses era, so ~1450 and given the descriptions of the armours some characters have, it fits this time. Armorers at the time could cover 90% of the body in large plates of steel, while ANY GAPS would have been covered by mail.

    We do not see this in GoT. There are gaps left right and center, arms not covered, legs almost never covered. And when they are, its often just strips of leather with gaps. Has nobody in the costume department heard of mail? They only needed a little strip at the bottom and small patches at the joints, nothing too expensive. These people were knights for the most part, and they've got armour made of strips of leather for a joust?

    The breastplates we do see made of metal are usually too long and would stop people bending at the waist. hence the "wasp-waist" look of medieval armour.

    Helmets are another thing, they look silly and inconsistent in the show.
    Guard types would have open-faced sallets or kettle hats, something like that, cheap, protective enough for purpose.
    Knights and lords, typically have more expensive visor-ed helmets, bascinets or armets mostly. Wouldn't put them on at all till they were needed then only use the visor sparingly. Knights without helmets in battle is stupid unless its for some story reason.
    If its for audience recognition reasons, have distinctively DECORATED armour, use colours. Kingsguard – WHITE, Jamie – (shiny) GOLD, Tywin – RED (and cloth of gold) etc
    Use cloaks of house colours, have house devices on the armour and shield and cloak etc. It's not hard to make them look unique AND functional.

  12. at laaaaast, a functional female armour,
    though in the same show with sandsnakes and dothraki style armor,
    we should not be greedy.

  13. I wouldn't call some of these unrealistic. Not because they're super practical and typical for medieval armor, but because some armor was meant more ceremonial than practical. Kingsguard and the Lannisters are not wearing proper armor because they wouldnt be in the battle proper. Thats not WHY the show did what they did, they're obviously focused on design than realism as to be expected of a show, but there's still some realism to it.

    Robb Stark missing a helmet, the exposed legs of the Hound, and the Mountain's vulnerable helmet are very good points of realism lacking though. Robb still led men into battle, he should've been better protected, and the Clegane's have no reason to sacrifice practicality for looks.

  14. (this comment is about the title of the video, not whats in the video) the armors shouldnt be looked at if they are realistic, because they are real, they are real istic! no CGI have been used! unless its made of plastic or something…
    also, neither should they be looked if they are historically accurate! because if they are, that means that the armor in this fantasy setting is taken from the real world! i'd argue that no one should even use historical weapons! but then again, im not a fan of humans or animals being in a fantasy world anyways.. so i'll give these things a pass..
    so finally, what i would inspect here is if the armor is effective!

  15. Big eye gaps aren't impractical,wear a pig snout Bascinet and then tell me about how great the protection offered is.

  16. Could it be that in the case of Jaime he is supposedly so good that his need for mobility outweights his need for protection? I only say this because the other Kinguards seemed to have better armor evern though it is suppose to be the same design

  17. I would say that the mountains great helm looks so large because the man wearing it is do large that it needs to be that size

  18. Serious question here, how much would a mace, flail, club or anything similar (Blunt trauma basically) affect armour? I assume gambeson, leather and mail are really really weak against blunt weapons, but again I'm likely wrong. I imagine a shield, helm and plate armour reduce the impact, but you might still get winded, jarred or even knocked out. If anyone knows, please tell me I'd love to know.


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