[KPOP IN PUBLIC CHALLENGE] NCT DREAM – '엔시티 드림(Ridin)' | Dance Cover | B.K.A.V


Hi guys, we are B.K.A.V Dance Team from Vietnam. Hope you guys like this video and continue to support us in the future. So SUBCRIBE NOW!!! ^^

NCT DREAM – ‘엔시티 드림(Ridin)’ dance cover by BKAV from Vietnam

Jeno: Boo
Jaemin: Ren
Haechan: Lio
Jisung: Tâm
Renjun: Phát
ChenLe: NA

Thang Nguyen

Thang Nguyen
#NCT DREAM #Ridin #엔시티 드림 #kpopinpublicchallenge


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  1. I watched the video of the B.K.A.V team very impressed.
    I hope our enterart dancers will see you and learn
    The shooting technique is great and the background is perfect.
    I will cheer a lot in the future.

  2. I personally don’t like this song, but this has the energy I didn’t know I needed 😂 waaah, so cool~

  3. Damn you guys did really good and learned if pretty fast!! I hope you stay safe out there❤️❤️

  4. Các bạn nhảy đẹp quá, bản Ridin đẹp nhất trong các nhóm ở Việt Nam đến giờ mình xem. Động tác rất sạch, lực mạnh, ra chất, nói chung là 💯 cho team 👍🏼

  5. Soooo cool!!! You guys look great and did a wonderful job!!!! It would look better if you can change the outfit a little bit instead of wearing similar t-shirt haha. Love this cover!

  6. Oh, my goodness the dancers, really are so good. I'm surprised! that is the better dance for me!💞💞💞💞💞

  7. Woah- I am new and i'm literally fangirling on all these boys x) like really- +1 subscriber ! Y'all all look cute

    (Don't forget to stay safe)


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