Nier Automata 1st Save Point PC Gameplay


I7 -7700k @ 4.8hz Performance could be better, even disabling SLI, i still dip sometimes from 50, but most of the time, it stays at 60.
EVGA GTX 1080 SLi @ 1440p running 144Hz

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You do not save until you beat the big ass boss first(33:41)with your fisting arm. After watching some dramatic cutscenes skip @ (38:06) –for no spoilers on cutscene– game finally asks you to fkin save . So make sure you’re at least a bit familiar with the mechanics of the game, and also make sure to use potions when you get too low on HP. Because it is quite a bit until you can finally save for the first time. Took me around 40 minutes to get to the save. After that, you can easily save and not be worried about restarting. I SUGGEST USING A CONTROLLER AS ITS EASIER TO DODGE WITH IT IMO AND ALSO GOOGLE THE MECHANICS ON HOW TO EVADE ATTACKS, SO YOU CAN EASILY KILL THIS BIG ASS MF.


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  1. Just got the game, n I did noticed no auto save. I go in to fight the first boss and just get wrecked 🤣🤣🤣 I will beat in normal to take some pride with me 😫😫

  2. I'm 19th run of just getting 30 min in to the game, then dieing and restarting

    I've never been so frustrated with a game in my life

  3. I thought I was the only one thinking this game was beautiful but fking retarded for not allowing me to safe after 45 minutes all gone.. I was wait what? They need to change that, this game is a gem. I almost not play it anymore but I will take the suggestion and pick easy mode.

  4. This is one of my fav game but I agree that the first save point is too far. When I died for the first time I get mad too.

  5. If I wanted any of this bs, I’d just play an NES game, this is such a load crap… wtf was square Enix thinking, smh

  6. Well, I turned it off when on the ship, thinking "I'm good. This is obviously an autosave…"

    I was a kick to the back of the balls when I loaded up again.

  7. 5 attempts later and having watched ur video i was able to know where it's possible to save my progress so very much appreciated and a big thank you 👍this games been dam frustrating i tell you 😠 !!!!

  8. I just got this game today. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!! Die and have to not only start from the beginning but have to watch the cutscenes too? Im so gotdamn frustrated and pissed off. Why tf did thrm morons think that's acceptable? Im all for hard games. I dont play any gane on normal difficulty but im forced to play it on eazy just to get to a save. I never want to see the intro ever again!!!!!!!

  9. I played for fucking 40 min and ran out of.potions and then I had to restart…seriously wht were. Developers thinking while making the game

  10. i died 2 times.. dont know if ill continue or not.. need to move to easy mode i guess 🙁

  11. What are those kids, complaining about the lack of checkpoints? That's how it was with a lot of games in the past. Play on easy if it's too difficult and stop hating on the game for no reason. I'm not for Hardmodes myself, but I know my limits and just play on normal, instead of uninstalling because it gets salty xD

  12. We need to go to war with Japan because how they make there check points so stupidly far out in the dumb stupid game -_-

  13. chill guys you can play the game on easy and then you can change it after saving the game its super easy i died twice and i change my mode to easy

  14. i finished the first part and ended up in space but when i tried to play again after turning pc off, there is no save file to load wtf

  15. Just bought it cause of all the great reviews. Just finished an hour grind trying to deal with the frame rates, lag cause of my shit computer, and the fact that I didn't want to play for 40 mins and not be able to save my progress. It is now 1:23 am. FML. Good soundtrack though.

  16. I changed my difficulty to normal. I've gotten to the boss 6 tines and died and I'm tired I just want to play.

  17. I was playing for over an hour, checing the game out, getting used to the crappy Keyboard controls etc. then I died, I was like ok np now I am more familiar with the controls I won't have any more issues and BAM I start from the very FUCKING beginning, no checkpoints no nothing.
    Unistalled it the next minute..

  18. This game can't stop sucking its own dick. The internet can't stop blowing it.
    Post-Prologue save:

    If I'd known the game would hold checkpoints hostage like this I would've downloaded Doom instead.

  19. My advice? Don't play the game. It doesn't respect your time. It's one of those games that assumes you're more than happy to restart from the beginning 40 minutes in several times over. Not worth even looking at it.

  20. i beat the boss – damn – i can finally save

    do easy , not hard , if you do hard or normal , then you will lose

  21. Oh, fuck sticks, just playing for the first time died right before this. When others mentioned you can save at the end of the first boss I thought they meant the giant wheel digger!

    My pwecious little thumb hurts now.


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