[PES 2015] Patch PTE 8.4 Update: Download + Install


Finally The Final Update PTE 8.4 is released now for the Patch PTE 8! Please this is not a full patch , this is only an update for PTE 8.. So you must install first the PTE 8 on your Pc! ( you can check my youtube video here to download and install PTE Patch 8: )

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Download Finally The Final Update PTE 8.4



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– Special thanks to “sonjiru”, “cueball71”, “Jesus Hrs”, “pogoss” & “rajam”

► Soundtracks Credit :

– 1) Lookas – Sammurai
– 2) Distrion & Alex Skrindo – Entropy [NCS Release] ((link to NCS video

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  1. I installed this patch correctly all is ok but only Bundesliga is showing BEU LEAGUE and teams of Bundesliga is not corrected.They are not real player names,expect Munich,Leverkusen,Dortmund.Can u help ?

  2. where should we install the setup file???you said in lcoal disk c ut i have original game file loacation in other place…. . . .so should i install it on original file or the extracted file????

  3. hey man i need help everytime i go to these sites it says that the file is not existed on this server can u please help bro tnx

  4. Download the file does not exist … writing like this. file is not available on this server .. please help thanks

  5. A very nice hello Sgt. Del Choc :D.. I have a problem, when i`m opening those zipyshare files it says to me that files doesn`t exist.. What should I do?

  6. #del_choc i can't find the parts in zippyshare n in my pro 15 i'm still getting the PEU LEAGUE instead of BUNDESLIGA
    how should i fix this n p;lease help asap cuz i'm a bvb faan i cannot play ml without my fav team
    thnx for the patch btw 😉

  7. +Del Choc After I Download The PTE 8.0 It Says "Unable To Load Data Because Data Is From Different Version,Please Install Latest Data" Something Like That It Says…How Can I Fix It?Download This PTE 8.4?

  8. helo del choc… the 8.4 patch works well with me, great work and thanks so much. however i have one annoying problem… i edited some apperance (hairstyle, stripstyle etc.), but it doesnt show/cannot save. how many times i changed the hairstyle or strip apperance, it will revert back to the old one when playing the game.

    any idea how to solve this?


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