Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6: The New Budget King?


The Redmi Note 9 Pro and Realme 6 are both new budget smartphones that start at Rs. 12,999. Now, a lot of you guys have been confused about which one to buy. Well, we have the answer for you. This is our Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6 detailed comparison.

In this video, we compare the Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Realme 6 cameras, performance, charging, battery, display and design.

Realme 6 Pro vs Poco X2:

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  1. How about a Redmi Note 9Pro Vs Realme 6 Vs PocoX2 comparison?

    I like Redmi Note 9 pro but clearly Realme 6 is better. In other video to you mentioned poco x2 has a better camera, refresh rate than realme 6. The mega comparison will help me pick up the right one!

  2. I just thought about the comparison among two
    And got the notification about ur video
    U people can read mind seriously
    Bang on always guys

  3. Battery life trumps everything. All phones more or less do everything. Dead phones do nothing. 2 hour extra screen on time is great.

  4. I am thinking to buy Note 9 Pro just because it's xiaomi and i don't like UI in realme phones. So 9 Pro is my pick.

  5. Thnx for ur useful video. 1 qq. Can u plz suggest me if I can replace my RN7pro with poco x2 or realme 6 pro or RN9proMax ? Or any better option. My preference is camera but not gaming. I use androidAuto frequently for navigation n RN7pro hangs every time when disconnected 4m android auto n restoration takes upto 3 mins. Is it the case with Redmi note 9 phones ?

  6. Pls compare Realme 6 with Redmi Note 8 pro as both phones have same processor and compare Realme 6 pro with Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max

  7. 4:54 I don't think the comparison is done properly because redmi has 5020 mah battery with 8 nm processor and realme 6 has 4300 mah battery with 12nm processor and 90hz display (consumes more battery), So this report is wrong.

  8. Note 9 pro and realme 6 are best phone in the price but note 9 pro max and realme 6 pro are not that good when compared to Poco X2.


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