Sakshi Ground Report : corona updates in Nellore – 22-04-2020


#SakshiGroundReport : #corona updates in #Nellore – 22-04-2020

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  1. Yedhi yemaina first time C M ga elect ayyi just 11 months ayina sare unexpected e virus kosam teliyakapoyina good control& care cheyyadaniki chalaaa try chesthunnaru. Jagan mohan reddy gaaru is doing best with his total team💐💐 good luck& al the best. Plzzzzzzzz take care every body. Only 25% manthra gvrt responsibility 75% mana andhari responsibility soooooooo take care every body. A P means not only andhra pradesh its also (' A'bsalutly 'P' erfect)


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