Sanders Confirms Obama, Biden Conversations Before Ending Campaign | All In | MSNBC


In his first TV interview since suspending his campaign, Sen. Bernie Sanders talks to Chris Hayes about the decision to end his candidacy for president, Joe Biden’s movement in a more progressive direction, and the coronavirus response. Aired on 04/09/2020.
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Sanders Confirms Obama, Biden Conversations Before Ending Campaign | All In | MSNBC


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  1. correction officer not taking coronavirus serious

  2. Sorry Bernie the only trend of thought was you and Biden Grasping straws bc he is going to sorely lose lol! He’s already in a state of dementia so cmon!!! U guys keep scurrying to find ways to put do it and you WONT

  3. He's no Revolutionary that's for sure. This is the 2nd election he just fell in line like a trained dog for the Dems. Give me a Break. Commie Sanders.

  4. After the Elections Biden and Bernie can peacefully retire. Maybe do some wheelchair racing for charity. Shady Acres retirement home has 2 rooms vacant.

  5. This man has nothing to say about China declaring becoming world leader in AI in which they are poised to be position in.

  6. Bernie can’t even live the B.S. he spouts! He owns three homes and is a millionaire. If he believed in what he says, he would sell two houses, distribute the money to the poor then write a check for 90% of what he is worth and give it to the government. He has no clear cut plan on how to implement any of ideas and will not entertain how he would proceed should congress not enact any or all of his plans.

  7. When this man dies, he will be layed in state like an ex-president. Keep fighting the good fight sir. Now let's unite and finish the job.

  8. Bernie is pretty awesome. Too bad there is such a thing as self-serving, heartless grifters. Carry on friends we ain't dead yet.

  9. Incremental change isn't good enough anymore this country is collapsing under unfettered capitalism we've been seeing a dismantling of are economic structure with the middle class and poor it is time for a large structural change and the time is now and Joe Biden is status quo Joe. Good luck winning over the younger vote.

  10. Hi people, I am the author of the most powerful Manual on the planet, after the coronavirus is over "The Creator" willing, is the Manual that everyone need to protect themselves, some people need the Manual right now.

  11. The arithmetic wasn't there assuming the status quo, these are extraordinary times, and Biden's no extraordinary candidate. The Dem leadership is clueless, Pelosi wants to gove tax-cuts to millionaires for crying out loud!

  12. Bernie is okay he has some good ideas but he should not be president at this time maybe twenty years ago and the people who follow him can not believe he the savior of america he just another old white man like the 44 who came before him lets do something differnt and i dont mean biden

  13. Bernie can't you and Biden run together? I don't think he is going to make it (win the election) without you. If you want to help the country, please come up with a plan together.

  14. Now is the time to get a new Senate and Congress and governor's. Bring it on establishment! THINK we were a pain durning Sanders campaign you've seen nothing YET. #NotMeUs

  15. Guess the vile corrupt deep state democrat party made him an offer he couldn’t refuse , drop out or they will Seth Rich him

  16. Going with Biden is just the usual mistake made by the democrats that translate into weakening the possibilities of winning the election like they historically had done before with candidates that are not powerful enough to attract the voters looking for real changes. Biden doesn't have a defined platform for change, might have to deal with sexual harassment issues, questions about his scattered mind and so on. Simply the worst choice, Biden hasn't created momentum, there is no clear strategy and if anything by choosing him democrats knocked down any enthusiasm and gained. the energy that was built by the Sanders campaign. Democrats seem to forget that by now what defines the democratic party.platform, is their inability to embrace radical changes or innovative thinkers like Ocasio Cortez and the failure to successfully take advantage of their uniqueness and charm and turned that into a solid pool of voters. They opt instead for leaving voters like me without interest in a candidate that only offers the same stagnation and frustrating lack of results. It is amazing that these mistakes keep happening. Democrats need to clear the house of all the old people that live in fear of pushing forward any radical changes to achieve results, they need to start taking notes of what the voters are demanding because they are disconnected, they lost it.

  17. I didn’t and don’t like this guys policy’s, you know what you’re getting though and he isn’t a liar. I have respected that about him as at least being honest, contrasting him to Biden.

  18. Thanks Dummies you just handed the 2020 election to Trump, no way creepy senile Joes stands a chance against Trump

  19. Thank you Bernie! You have done so much to create a better party. You made healthcare, wealth inequality and education a priority in the democratic party and shifted everyone (including Biden) back to the left.


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