Sen. Bernie Sanders, Bowing Out Of The Race, Gently Breaks The News To Supporters


The Democratic primary has effectively come to a close with the departure of Senator Bernie Sanders, who addressed members of his grassroots movement on Wednesday and urged them not to give up the fight for economic justice. #StephenAtHome #Bernie #Monologue

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  1. “Doesn’t resonate”????
    You’re the problem, Steve. In this pandemic, Medicare For All is essential people are seriously dying. Medicare should be a human right, not a privilege.

    Read this before you make fun of Medicare:

  2. Bernie kept pandering to his base with all this talk of all the establishment doesn’t want us how about you reach out to democrats like ones whose first choice was warren or biden? He kept acting like a outside rather then the frontrunner. He has been running for president for half a decade think about that! After the 2018 midterms how about ditching being independent and officially becoming a Democrat he basically was anyway. Some wheeling and dealing is not automatically corrupt. Bernie had every advantage and lost, so his supporters need to stop crying about media coverage bernie got plenty of good coverages. Trump got tons of bad coverage and he won. Your boy bernie lost so move on now.

  3. "Help! I'm being robbed! Quick, fire the police!" sounds pretty funny from a jocular viewpoint… until you realize that our President's entire administration was literally founded upon that EXACT same concept. Dr. Fauci is currently being staged to be his next victim as we speak.

  4. Bernie ruined any chance he had at becoming President the second he answered "yes" to the question, "do you think Biden can beat Trump in the 2020 election?" I have NO idea what compelled him to give such a foolish answer to that question, but the 'game was over' at exactly that point.

  5. it's disappointing, but i beg everyone to remember that it's not just the presidency. 2 supreme court justices will be replaced by whoever is elected this november, and their decision will affect an entire generation of legislation. if trump wins and puts appoints two more ultra-conservative justices, the supreme court will have a conservative majority and an immense amount of power. voting for biden is not a vote between "the lesser of two evils". its voting for the future of our nation as we know it. this is coming from a bernie supporter. please, please do not let emotions cloud judgement. we cant afford to.

  6. Americans have a fear of doing anything that benefits citizens over industry. The government is run by private companies. A pandemic is the whole story for 2020… yet people still fear the thought of universal health care. I’m curious how people are going to cope after the pandemic passes and the bills start coming

  7. How about a shout out to Menstruation.
    Those transfusions and the mask problem solved in your mother or sisters bathroom trash can!

  8. Maybe we should get people en masse voting Bernie anyway. Biden supporters do not seem to follow the facts anyway so they might not appear to vote when they think it is over.

  9. "Bernie Sanders is saying Bernie Sanders can't win? Man, he is going to catch hell from Bernie Sanders supporters."

    Well said. This explains the Sanders relationship to his base very succinctly. We don't follow him no matter what he does, we hold him to his own standards. If he were to reverse his position on these policies suddenly we would all up and leave him in an instant. We are ideologues, what can we say.

  10. Biden has zero chance of winning against Trump. People see Biden as a senile fool. Great for a poster, but not so much when he starts talking.

  11. When no one support scumbag Stephen, doesn't make news …..what quality garbage , talking equal importance of unimportant people Hollywood scumbags

  12. Some research and facts on how the Corona pandemic exposes and
    exacerbates the flaws in neoliberal capitalism and the incredible risk
    it has created for the U.S society:

  13. Some research and facts on how the Corona pandemic exposes and
    exacerbates the flaws in neoliberal capitalism and the incredible risk
    it has created for the U.S society:

  14. The super villain mask bit had me ROFL – or LLOL (literally laughing out loud). It almost makes up for the fact you had Joe Exotic on as a guest.

  15. Change is going to come from the grass roots. So now Bernie is in a better position to make changes. I mean really, do you really think that this corrupt mess can be repaired from within?

  16. Bernie's assumption that people vote for their own good if they get educated about it failed, and failed badly. He didn't reached youth's hearts and kept trying to reason with the people. Although what he is advocating would have been the best ever happened for working families, he neglected that masses should be excited and motivated then reasoned. Also, he selected a very wrong group of people to ran his campaign and advise him. That's OK, no one is perfect and he has done more than anyone else to wake this nation up.

  17. You don't realize how bad Colbert is when the audience is there to save his lame jokes. It turns out, all he does is deliver flats. Goes to show you that all these people our society worships don't actually have any talent. In fact, they are even less talented than just about every everyday person.

  18. Colbert lays a duck with this monologue Weak humor and lazy delivery. Comes off as a snarky bitter person. His writers must have the virus and the second stringers jumped in, or should I say flopped in.


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