Solskjaer, James & Mata happy with win over LASK | LASK 0-5 United | UEFA Europa League


Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskaer, Daniel James and Juan Mata after Manchester United’s 5-0 win over LASK in the UEFA Europa League.

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  1. Stay humble guy's.. we gotta do many more things now.. we want to put our team where it is belongs.. on the top! ✌️

  2. Extend ighalo’s loan contract sign a promising striker not an expensive ones and make them compete with each other for that spot

  3. It is becoming bit by bit clearer that Ole is becoming Sir Alex as every match and every press conference goes by. No more 'smiling no matter whatever happens' he was back then.

  4. How the hell did LASK come this far. well no one ever know. But Put us into the draw straight away we dont need a second leg.

  5. 2nd time in a week the boys prevented our opponents to shoot only once (1) in the first half – LASK 103 passes 1 shot


    1st half

    204 passes

    9 shots

    22.67 passes per shot

    2nd half

    258 passes

    13 shots

    19.85 passes per shot


    462 passes

    22 shots

    21 passes per shot


    1st half

    103 passes

    1 SHOT

    103 passes per shot
    <- 2nd time in a week the boys limited the opponent's shooting more than once

    2nd half

    241 passes

    8 shots

    30.13 passes per shot


    344 passes

    9 shots

    38.22 passes per shot


  6. Daniel James a speedster but he gotta know when to pick the right pass! He can be so infuriating at times. Reminds yall of who?

  7. Hope McTominay and Pogba can replace Bruno. I mean, if they by any chance can't play Bruno because of injury (like Ramos always been doing) it's gonna be hard to get another playmaker


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