Straight people, what have you always wanted to ask the LGBT community?


Straight people of reddit, what questions do you have for the LGBTQ community?

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  1. i have wanted to be a guy for all my life and it scares the sht out of me. i have no idea what i should do. no one else knows about this

  2. Asexual/Aromantic here. I have met only one other person who is aroace, and she happens to be my sister. Only one of my friends accepts that people like me actually exists, the others just say things like “people change” and “you haven’t met the right person yet” and it hurts to know that my friends don’t acknowledge or understand my sexual and romantic orientation. Anyone else out there who knows how this feels?

  3. I remember coming out to a small group of my friends, and one of them asked if I was attracted to them. I said something along the lines of “You may be pretty, but I don’t want to date you.”

  4. I dont get why gays act like females. So is it just that they want to be women? I thought it was merely an attraction to other males. Then theres the gays who cant get s girl so they swap their sexuality daily. Its hard for me to take any of it seriously

  5. Do you see male student athletes who try out for men's sports, fail, come out as trans to go into female sports, dominate to the point of overshadowing female athletes who have to work twice as hard to try to keep up as the equivalent of Johnny Knoxville in that movie where he pretended to be retarded to join the special Olympics to date a girl or nah?

  6. Every single one of my wife's gay friends has tried to blow me. She has like, 10. Don't believe any gay dude who says he wouldn't blow you. He will. Just ask. You'll see. They aren't very picky.

  7. I'm sick of people asking, "How do you know you're trans?" It's like… How do you know you're cis? It's that same feeling of wanting to be where you belong.

  8. Would transgender still be a thing if there were absolutely no gender stereotypes? I'm not asking the to challenge or offend anyone, I'm genuinely curious. I fully support how everyone chooses to live their lives 💕

  9. 2:00 the mom is so wholesome i wish all trans kids had parents like her growing up 🥺💞🏳️‍🌈

  10. If you’re transgender (originally a girl but turned into a boy) and started liking a girl… does that make you gay or straight?

  11. I have a question! Okay, I was wondering if you guys refer to us straights as anything. I’ve heard people call us breeders before, used to make me sad but now it’s funny

  12. I'm non-binary. Yes, non-binary people exist. It's not really that shocking. The human brain is the most complicated thing in the known universe. Do you seriously think it can be so nearly divided into two categories? Sex isn't the same thing as gender, but for some reason a lot of folks don't understand the difference. Gender is the identity shaped by your environment, upbringing, cultural expectations, etc. There have been such cases spanning several cultures throughout history, only to be wiped out or marginalized via conquerors and/or religion. It's only Western civilization that's forgotten and is now only rediscovering it. Many of the gender roles and expectations we have in our society are completely arbitrary, but most people never even think about it because they've been conditioned to think it's totally normal. After all, it's easier to live when there are guidelines.

    And before you dismiss it as all just a bunch of propaganda, take a second and think. Which is more likely: A) That this is all a bunch of politicized nonsense being pushed through media outlets and major scientific organizations for the sake of some agenda, or B) What you were taught in school turned out to be a bunch of simplified lessons with less depth than a Wikipedia article, and that scientific understanding of sex and gender has progressed and developed in the last 30 years?

    It's not something done for attention, nor is it based on indecision. For me, it was based on nature, not nurture; I was raised in an ultra conservative cult, in a small town, and both my parents were homophobic. My father would've shot me if I'd come out. It's not about being rebellious or wanting to stand out; it's something more inherent to the individual. I knew something was different about me since I was 4, but didn't fully understand what until I was in my late 20s. I tried for years to conform to gender roles, but I failed miserably. It just wasn't me. Think of it like this: Have you ever done something in your life that you've regretted, because it went against your sense of morality? Has someone ever talked you into doing something that you didn't want to do, but you felt that you had to go along with it? It's kind of like that. Now imagine having that feeling when you're a little kid, you're aware that kind of stuff is being pushed on you, and people think you're crazy for questioning it.

    It should also go without saying that some stereotypes are bull****. Not every non-binary person you'll meet will be naturally androgynous. Some will have more dysphoria than others. I don't know what happened with my hormones when I was a teenager, but they definitely didn't work as usual. I'm short, soft-spoken, can't grow a beard, and have 2 ft. of gorgeous, badass curly hair. I get called ma'am as often as sir. And I'm fine with that; at my age, I'm just glad I still look good. Who cares if I'm not like other guys? I like looking sweet and pretty, and it's such a confidence boost. I've always been more comfortable with women than men. But I'm not some flamboyant, overly exuberant drag queen; that's a whole other separate thing. Yeah, I can get away with wearing what are considered traditionally feminine clothes, but I stick with what styles suit me and what's practical. I'm not strutting around in glittery costumes or fetish gear. Given how much time I spend hiking, I don't think those would work well.

    By the way, women don't seem to have any problems with me. My family and coworkers all say that I'm a natural ladies man, but that's because I talked to them like, you know, people. No pickup lines, no gimmicks, etc. Just some confidence, charm, and a good sense of humor. Turns out having long curly hair is a great conversation starter. Gay guys are fine with me, too. But for some reason, straight men have a lot of issues when it comes to stuff like this. You wouldn't believe the amount of stares I get in public restrooms; last month, one guy panicked and even went to check the sign to make sure he'd entered the right room. Other guys are awkward and uncomfortable because they don't know what to make of me. For what it's worth, I'm attracted to women and some men, but it's like a 90/10 kind of situation. Also, there are a few bisexual dudes out there who have hit on me, but try to keep it hidden because they haven't accepted themselves yet. There are so many needless hangups in our society about sexuality. Men, it's okay to be attracted to beautiful people, regardless of gender. It's okay to not live by others' expectations. Suppressing yourself is nothing but wasted time and energy. Just seek your own happiness!

    And hey, it's not just about sex. There's no need to make anything weird or awkward. Just because I'm into women and some men doesn't mean I'm on the hunt and trying to settle some voracious appetite, or that I'm attracted to you specifically. Having LGBTQ friends isn't going to magically change who you're attracted to, either. Our culture tends to fetishize anything that's considered unusual or taboo. Don't fall for it. Also, there's no need to treat non-binary people as if we're some kind of alien species. Last time I checked, I'm human. The wiring may be a little different, but otherwise I'm just another person. I love reading, writing, photography, travel, hiking, studying, video games, movies, anime, LEGOs… It's all good.

    TLDR: Non-binary people exist. It's not that big of a deal. People are complicated, but how you treat them doesn't have to be. Be cool and kind!

  13. Seeing as this was reddit and honestly I was expecting some really homophobic stuff…. but this was awesome
    Also, to potato salad guy: I'm bad at making it, but my grandma makes the best potato salad!! Hit her up sometime she'll give you the recipe


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