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I really like armour. On the Game of Thrones show, we get to see many diffrent kinds, from every Major House. In this video I will share some thoughts on the armour in Game of Thrones, especially about the Knights of the Vale.

Near the end of the Video there is a spoiler for season seven, about how Queen Cersei Lannisters Kingsguard will look like. Dont worry, I warn you in advanced in the Video.

Incredible Music composed by Aurélien Benharrats

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A Song Of Ice And Fire
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Knights of the Vale
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  1. A clarification, this video is mostly my opinions and thoughts, not necessarily fact. There is a spoiler for how the Kingsguard in Season Seven will probably look like, (Unless they arent Kingsguard) but I warn you in the video so dont worry.

  2. Lannister army is the worst out of all, just look at kings landing, let’s put the Lannister army against a army from Ancient Greece , they would be destroyed in seconds, , the Lannister
    Soldiers armour cannot stop spears, sickles, arrows, and here’s the thing, in real life, and depending on the thickness, the Lannister’s armour would basically make sickles and swords bounce of if they hit with their blade, the blade would bounce of, but in game of thrones, if their armour cannot stop a direct hit from a tip of the spear on the chest plate, whats going to stop a kitchen knife going through and killing the wearer of the of armour.

  3. Lannisters have archer armor, common footman armor, heavier footman armor with at least two variations of helmets and also riders.

  4. Dislikes are probably coming from folks who don't like the tone. Just drink a couple cups of coffee or an energy drink and don't sound like you're reading (even if you are). Great content though.

  5. The rest armies of the houses of the Westerlands destroyed in the battle of the whispering wood and the battle of the camps

  6. Actually, you can see that the logo on the chest resembles Cersei's Crown which to me could be a replica of what the old Westerlands crown looked like

  7. Its an interested topic. Tip: speak with your normal voice (if that's your normal voice, try to speak with more energy)
    thumbs up

  8. Please don’t make videos when u can hardly keep your eyes open, bc u sound tired af and it’s annoying to listen too

  9. I don't know if anyone mentioned this but in season 1, we actually get a brief look at Roberts armor (or at least his cool stag helmet) whenever he's in his tent getting ready for the joust.

  10. The variation is due to some being tournament armor which is heavier compared to battle armor which is lighter.

  11. Arryn Armor: Vardis and Hugh were both wealthy, yes, but I believe they were also a higher class of Knight (the exact name of which is eluding me at the moment), so that might be why they're permitted their own coat of arms.

  12. I've always wondered how they recognize friend from foe on the battlefield. Usually the emblems are small parts on the armor and easily missed. The recurring color is grey chainmails/armor in the south and black/brown leather in the north.
    The only real distinctive army/force are the lannisters in red, King's Guard and the Gold Cloaks.

    Example: Battle of the Bastards. You see two armies in practically the same colors. The only things that differentiate them are their shields and small embroided emblems like the wolf on Sansa put on Jon's new cloak.

    And then they clash in the mud. One brown/black leathered army vs another.
    They can't possibly know every face in their army, right? And who even notices the small embroided emblems in the heath of battle? And once they lose their shield there's no real proof to which house they belong.

    The only real difference are headgears.
    But then there's the Karstarks who, just like the Starks, fight without headgear. And yet they know who to kill.

    I'll never understand that. Have wondered the same thing in many other series/movies.

  13. The standardisation of the armour, I think, is to benefit people who can't follow such convolution on the screen. However, the in-universe explanation for this is that when lords call their banners they all fight under one banner, and thus fight in one standardised armour provided by their liege lord but paid for by each soldier depending on how much they can afford. I can't remember when or where but even Michelle Clapton confirmed this is why they all wear the same armour apart from unique characters such as Ser Vardis and Ser Hugh who wore they're own armour as it was not wartime. The comment about Ser Hugh being rich must be wrong. Firstly, he has no surname and thus we must conclude that he is in fact low-born. And in the show it is directly referenced that a man like that could not afford such fine armour as basic as it is and that he must have done something unorthodox to afford it. Furthermore, I too picture the armies of Westeros in a variety of different armours with different sigils. But I do think that armies dress in the style of their liege right up to the top. But this has its limits – Randyll Tarly's troops in season 7 wore Tarly armour, however in the past when the Tyrell's would have called their banners I imagine, following Clapton's explanation, they would have worn the standard Tyrell armour that we see that Tyrell soldiers wear. Therefore house Tarly and all houses sworn to them wore their own Tarly style as opposed to Tyrell or Lannister styles. What still confuses me is that we see no Tyrell soldiers in season 2 at Renly's camp, only Baratheon. I imagine a strict budget is to blame, however, I like to believe that we just didn't see any at the time or the far less likely that Mace had all his men dress in Baratheon armour.

    Just my two cents, enjoyed the video but believe there is so much more too it. There could have been a video on each of the kingdoms and then for kingsguard and even individual characters. Would have made a great series.


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